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You will learn photography, editing and business skills from leading newborn and portrait photographer, Kelly Brown.

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Get instant access to over 400 tutorials with step by step instructions to help you master the art of newborn, maternity & family photography.

PLUS - New video content, added weekly to the KBO catalogue.


“I am so loving every single minute of your sessions!! I binged today & learned so much for you in 1 day!!  Thank you so, so much for sharing your knowledge & expertise!!  I am so grateful for you!!”

Laurie Petrino Green 

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“Kelly Brown As an educator myself, your true gift is educating.(I’m soaking it all in. ) Your passion is feeding my passion!!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us all!!!”

Arretta Disorda-Laterreur

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“I am a member and I must say, this is the best investment I’ve made for my budding business. Kelly is an excellent educator and superb photographer. She shares everything little detail from her many years of experience. Worth every penny!!!”

Sherry Robinson Pratt

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<p><span style="color: rgb(5, 5, 5);" >Laurie Petrino Green&nbsp;</span></p>, <p>On Facebook</p>
<p><span style="color: rgb(5, 5, 5);" >Arretta Disorda-Laterreur</span></p>, <p>On Facebook</p>
<p><span style="color: rgb(5, 5, 5);" >Sherry Robinson Pratt</span></p>, <p>On Facebook</p>





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  • Private Support Group

  • Exclusive Member Discounts

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  • LIVE Q&As

  • New Tutorials

  • Weekly LIVE Classes

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  • This state of the art platform was built for you to learn when you want and how you want.

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  • Plus.. we have an iOS app in development right now for release later in 2021!

  • Join this premium community that is dedicated to you and what you need.

  • Interact during multiple live videos every week.

  • Be a part of the Members Only Facebook Group.

  • Connect with like minded photographers.

  • Participate in image critiques.

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  • With new content being added every week the learning is non stop.

  • Get access to all the information you need to be the photographer you desire to be.

  • Find the content you want no matter where you are at in your photography journey.

  • Become the best photographer you can be.

  • Accelerate your learning with peer critique and feedback.


​​Come for the learning. Stay for the premium community.

In a changing world, we are committed to providing you with flexible, self-paced learning, PLUS frequent virtual classroom interaction with Kelly Brown.  

We know that a mentoring-styled approach to learning helps accelerate your progress. So, we’re providing a more cost-effective way of learning with Kelly, compared with traditional in-person workshops, particularly at a time when travel options are restricted.

We are embracing innovation to provide greater opportunities for virtual communication and collaboration so that YOUR learning experience is memorable and inspiring.

With over 17 years in the photography industry, Kelly is committed to creating first-rate educational material.

Her experience presenting at conferences and workshops worldwide has lead her to understand the needs of newborn and portrait photographers, seeking to learn their craft and build successful businesses.

Kelly strives to empower the photography industry itself, helping others to achieve their dreams.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What new content is being added for Premium Members in 2021?


  • Working with older babies 

  • How to create intimate Mother & baby portraits 

  • Editing composites & head swaps 

  • Studio Essentials 

  • Lighting modifiers 

  • When to start charging 

  • Studio setup for newborns 

  • Newborn posing workflow 

  • Capturing large families 

  • Should I reschedule because the baby won’t settle? 

  • What camera settings should I use? 

  • Understanding Composition 

  • Pre-prep for in home sessions 

  • Products 

  • How to sell yourself 

  • Finding clients 

  • Photoshop tools 

  • Newborn posing bag/surface 

  • Maternity posing basics 

  • Finding inspiration 

  • Website do's & don’ts 

  • Editing - fine art 

  • make clients feel comfortable in front of the camera  

  • Perfect your exposure using the histogram 

  • Focus - How to take sharp photos 

  • Newborn anatomy - interview with specialist 

  • FB page do's & don’ts 

  • Money in - Money out 

  • Goals to grow your business 

  • Client agreements  

  • Your Terms & Conditions 

  • Selling milestone packages 

  • New year, new goals 


  • Older baby demonstration 

  • Mother and baby demonstration 

  • Digital backdrop editing 

  • Studio setup 

  • Lighting Styles 

  • Pricing, what to charge 

  • Customer Experience 

  • Side pose demonstration 

  • Maternity & Family posing demo 

  • Wrapping to settle a baby demo 

  • White Balance 

  • Newborn in home session demonstration 

  • Parent posing in home session demo 

  • Packages - what to offer 

  • In person sales sessions 

  • The steps to booking a client for life 

  • Photoshop basic workflow 

  • Perfecting the chin on hands pose 

  • Maternity - capturing moving fabric 

  • Fine art newborn demonstration 

  • Keywords to improve your SEO 

  • Sitter & Sibling demonstration 

  • Couples maternity 

  • Dark & moody newborn with parent demo 

  • How to achieve blurred background 

  • Bum up pose 

  • How to run Facebook ads 

  • Wrapping workflow to speed up your session 

  • Froggy pose composite 

  • Back pose - my go to 

  • Posing older children with newborns 

  • Shooting large props safely with newborn 

  • The perfect backlight 

What videos are included in the Essentials membership?

Essentials members will have access to over 90 fundamental videos. Plus Monthly Q&As and Image Critiques in the Members Only Facebook Group.

The follow content will be available in the catalog from 13 May 2021:

  • Chin On Hands - 4Videos - 47mins

  • Editing With Actions - 8Videos - 97mins

  • Getting it right in camera - 17Videos - 250mins

  • Newborn Camera Angles - 5Videos - 34mins

  • Newborn Safety - 11Videos - 60mins

  • Parent Posing - 9Videos - 60mins

  • Photoshop Fundamentals - 15Videos - 115mins

  • Setting Up A Home Newborn Studio - 1Videos - 23mins

  • The Back Pose - 8Videos - 209mins

  • The Bum Up Pose - 4Videos - 88mins

  • The Pretzel Wrap - 4Videos - 65mins

  • The Side Pose - 6Videos - 139mins

  • Tucked In Pose - 3Videos - 47mins

    PLUS Weekly Image Critiques and Monthly LIVE Q&A

What videos are included in the Premium membership?

Premium members have access to over 300+ videos. Click the CATALOG LINK in the menu

How do I cancel?
If you don’t want to continue, you can cancel your membership at any time. Follow the prompts to cancel on the Billing page, and your membership will not renew. Please note that there aren’t refunds for partially unused membership periods.

What about the videos I already own on

You will still have full access to the content you own on (It will not be taken away from you.)
As a Premium Member you will now be able to access most of the video tutorials here on KBO.
This new platform is all about the new content that will start to roll from Mid May.

Is there and App so I can watch offline?

From day one you can stream on any device and we have a mobile app in development right now so you can watch content without being connected to the internet.
Until the app comes out though the site is built for mobile viewing and you can cast from your phone to your tv with airplay or chromecast.

A few great features that the new site has from day 1 –

  • Pick up where you left off – log back in and see what you were last watching and continue from the same spot.

  • Auto play the next video in the play list.

  • Picture in picture – Click the Picture in picture icon and the video will float on you screen so you can change windows, open photoshop and keep watching in the pop up viewer.

  • Video quality picker – if your internet is slow you can stream a lower quality video.

  • Video Speed Adjustment – Depending on how you want to get through the content, you can slow it down to follow along or speed it up to get through it faster.

This is just the beginning, and we will be working on new features all the time.
The new site is very much focused on the viewing expierence.